~Fall Share-a-thon begins on Wednesday October 24 and runs through Saturday October 27.
~The event airs from 7am to 7pm Wednesday through Friday and from 8am to 3pm on Saturday.
~We’ll be raising the funds required to support the next 6 months of broadcasting (that’s November through April).
~You’re welcome to enjoy live chapel services Wed – Fri at 10:30 am.  Tune in on 89.3 FM in the Linton area or 88.1 FM in Vincennes.  Or join us in the sanctuary of Bethel Baptist Church in Linton.
~Bethel Teens will be hosting the event from 4pm to 7pm on Friday night.  The boys’ team and the girls’ team will try to see who can raise the most funds in those hours, so when you call with your pledge let the teen operator know if your pledge is for the girls’ team or the boys’ team.
~Bethel ladies will host on Saturday afternoon October 27.

WYTJ Radio is pleased to welcome Evangelist Bruce and Mrs. Mary DeLange to the studio for Spring Share-a-thon.  We’re also very happy to have Pastor Bob Parker of Open Door Baptist Church in Summit, MS with us.
Help Your Radio Station & Honor Your Loved One
~Fall Share-A-Thon is the time we set up the Share-A-Day Acknowledgements for November 01 through April 30.
~For each day of broadcasting you share with WYTJ Radio ($150) you may choose, if you want to, a particular date between November 01 and April 30.
~You will need to call the radio station during Share-A-Thon (October 24 to 27) and talk to an operator about which dates are still available
~The operator will take your pledge and set up your date with all the information we need to create your acknowledgement:  who is sharing the day, who will be honored on that day, and what the occasion is.
~If you know you want a particular date, the best time to call and make your pledge is on the first day of Share-A-Thon (October 27) to ensure you get the date you want.
~The acknowledgments play at the top of every hour for the entire 24-hour day that you choose, except during any hours when we have live programming scheduled.
~The acknowledgments will be kept very simple, stating who is sharing the day, for what occasion, and who it’s in honor of.

Note: If you are sharing the day in honor of someone in your household, and you want to keep it a surprise, make sure you give the operator a phone number that the honoree will not answer.  If not, we might accidentally spoil your surprise if we need to call and say, “This is WYTJ calling with a question about your share-a-day acknowledgement.”