Monday, November 26
Star of Hope
“After losing his sight during a battle at Camp Hope in Iraq, Patrick is home in time for Christmas. He faces the struggles of adjusting to his blindness and to the loss of His friend, David, who was captured in that same battle. As the faithful witness of his buddy, David, keeps ringing in Patrick’s ears, God leads Patrick toward a Star of Hope that will change his deepest darkness into eternal light.”

Tuesday, November 27
Christmas on the Air
“W-A-R-M is the local radio station in Bethlehem Pennsylvania, and you get to join the crew on the air and behind the scenes as they present their annual Christmas program. When a stranger drops by the station with an unusual gift for the radio actors, they soon find out that the gift is also a powerful lesson in faith.”

Thursday, November 29
Ten Thousand Hallelujahs
“Do you believe in Christmas?” When 82-year-old Mary Snider is faced with a serious illness, she uses this question over and over again to reach even the coldest of hearts for Jesus. Listen as each new friend learns the difference between celebrating Christmas and experiencing Christmas.”

Friday, November 30
Goodwill to Men
“It’s Christmas Eve at the Goodwill shop run by Skyler, a busy, tired man making a feeble effort to show genuine goodwill to his customers and friends, Willa, Sarah, and Ben. When a neighborly gesture has almost tragic results, Skyler learns there are two kinds of people in his shop: those who need to love more and those who need more love.

Monday, December 3
Season of Light
“In the radio drama, “Season of Light,” begin in Nazareth and follow Mary and Joseph to a stable in Bethlehem, getting a glimpse into their lives and emotions at the time of Jesus’ Birth.”

Tuesday, December 4
Herald the News
“It’s Christmas Eve, and Tom, the editor of the Daily News Herald, is working late to get the Christmas edition of the newspaper completed. While he’s been focused on work for the past three years, his wife, Ruth, has been praying that he will believe the Good News of the Gospel. Reviewing the work of his news team, Tom is about to finally see what’s been in front of his eyes all along.”

Thursday, December 6
Harold the King
“Nine-year-old King Harold mistakenly believes his birthday is the reason everyone celebrates Christmas. King Harold has heard an imposter is trying to replace him as the King of Christmas, and sets out to find and punish him. Join Patch the Pirate and his crew as they help King Harold find the real King of Christmas.”

Friday, December 7
The Hope of Christmas
“Twenty-two-year-old Joey Miller knows how it feels to be hopeless. When Joey was 15 years old, his dad walked out on his family and didn’t come back. Feeling deserted, Joey distanced himself from friends, from the Lord, and even from his mother, Sara. From there, his life spiraled toward destruction; but neither Sara nor Pastor Morgan would give up hope, choosing to pray and wait. Listen in as Joey and his mom, Sara, along with Pastor Morgan, reminisce about Joey’s journey from anger’s darkness to God’s light. Their story will encourage you to truly believe Jesus Christ who is the “Hope of Christmas.”

Monday, December 10
Promised One
“Because of a decree from Caesar Augustus, Bethlehem has become a very popular little town. The inn keeper is using the opportunity to teach his son how to watch out for number one. While out in the fields, a shepherd is teaching his son to watch for the Promised One.”

Tuesday, December 11
Christmas Carol
“John and Carol Bailey have enthusiastically invited an eleven-year-old orphan named Jamie to spend a few days in their home for Christmas. That is, John is enthusiastic. While Carol is willing to put up a friendly front, the thought of an orphan-guest stirs up memories and emotions that she’s hidden in her heart for years. And Jamie…She’s not at all excited about getting a glimpse of family life only to be shuttled back to the orphanage days later. But Carol and Jamie are about to find out that God’s gift of His Son means everyone can have a family Christmas every day.”

Thursday, December 13
Christmas at Home
“Virginia 1861. the United States is embroiled in the Civil War, and 14-year-old Emmanuel Christmas, Manny for short, is yearning to join General Jackson’s army as the drummer boy. Since he’s all she has left in the world, Manny’s mother, Elizabeth, is reluctant to let him go. With a strong faith in the saving and keeping power of his Savior, and with a promise to be home for Christmas, Manny wins his mother over to the idea and marches away to what is supposed to be a quiet few weeks of just watching the enemy. The worst and best happen as Manny proves his bravery and changes the life of a hard-hearted army doctor.”

Friday, December 14
Then Jesus Came
“There’s a new pastor at Forest Groves only church; and as Christmas approaches, Pastor Jeff Thompson is about to learn that the only thing colder than the winters here is his new church home.”

Monday, December 17
While Shepherds Watched
“In the Christmas radio drama, “While Shepherds Watched,” young Benjamin is trying his father’s patience as he struggles to understand how life can be so hard when God is supposed to be so good. In every way he can, Omer strives to help his son trust God and believe that Jehovah always keeps His promises. Benjamin’s defiant heart will be changed by one perfect lamb.”

Tuesday, December 18
Come as a Child
“Miss Leslie is organizing the kids for their part in the church Christmas program. They do this every year; so, everyone knows why, right? But new-comer, Sam, can’t understand why they’re wearing bathrobes and fussing over a baby doll. And when the rest of the children prove by their answers that they’re not much more aware than Sam, Miss Leslie decides that practice can wait while she explains what it means to come as a child.”

Thursday, December 20
Candle in the Window
“In 1917 Tully sees Miss Ravenstow as the very best teacher in the world; and, yet, he is bewildered to notice that she never ever smiles. Together with his friend, Todd the Mailman, he determines to help Miss Ravenstow find her smile again. That very determination nearly costs Mr. Todd his life looking for Tully in a blizzard on Christmas Eve. A simple candle in the window will mean the difference between despair and hope for more than just one person.”

Friday, December 21
The Greatest Gift
“As Missy faces her first Christmas without her mother, she becomes preoccupied with one Christmas mission: finding the perfect gift for her grandmother. Go with Missy from door to door and into a pawn shop in search of the greatest gift.”

Monday, December 24
Christmas Eve 8pm
Christmas to Calvary
“The church choir is all set to go Christmas caroling and spread some Christmas cheer. The only problem is that some of their hearts are out of tune. When their bus breaks down at one of their stops, the Lord uses the situation to give some hearts a tune up while other hearts finally begin to sing.”

Tuesday, December 25
Christmas Day 3pm
The Gift of a Lifetime
“For many years, George Harper has spent most of Christmas Eve on what he called his Christmas Mission. As his family and friends gather around him in the hospital on Christmas Eve, a story unfolds about the lives that were touched and changed for God’s glory by George’s Christmas mission. Watching and listening as the stories are told, a broken and bitter young man finds his heart drawn to George and to the Savior he exemplified. Though he can’t speak, George embarks on one more Christmas mission; and a lonely young man finally learns about the gift of a lifetime.”